Friday, August 24, 2012

Ever My Merlin, Book 3, Cover Reveal

Guess what time it is? That's right. Check out the gorgeous cover for Book 3. I'm so excited about the series coming to a close!
If you sacrifice everything, what’s left to hold on to?
Coming Fall 2012!
Ever My Merlin, Book 3, My Merlin Series
The end of the world. The day of reckoning. The final battle.
In the last chapter of the My Merlin Series, it is a time of great strife for Arriane (aka Ryan) and Merlin (aka Matt) as they struggle to stem the flood of destruction unleashed upon the world. Their only hope rests in the one object that can restore their greatest ally: the Healing Cup.
With every scrap of life hanging in the balance, Ryan must convince both friends and enemies that the key to survival rests in the plans of a sword-toting girl of only eighteen. She must reconcile a fifteen-hundred-year rivalry between two brothers, and be ruthless enough to break a heart—and a life—in the process.  And at some point, she really needs to get herself to Prom.
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