Thursday, September 3, 2020

Girl With Three Eyes - My first YA Fantasy Thriller


Girl With Three Eyes
When a killer threatens the kingdom, will she risk her freedom?

Dear Readers,

I'm excited to announce the #bookbirthday of my first YA fantasy thriller. Fragments of Girl with Three Eyes has been running around my head for over fifteen years. I wanted to write a fantasy that combined school and sports but also a futuristic fairy tale.

The school element came from reading Enid Blyton stories when I was little. The Enid Blyton stories were fun stories about school adventures. The sports element came from two places. I went snowboarding for the first time and loved it. I wondered what it would take to make it a competition. I began watching the X-Games and loved the spins and speed of going downhill on picture perfect slopes. I’d also picked up running and getting healthier at this point. I wanted to add this competitive element to my stories which I felt becomes overlooked in girls. Despite all the advantages in gaining self-confidence and health both physical and mental, 50% of girls drop out of sport by the time they reach high school.
The last dimension of Girl With Three Eyes is one close to the heart. I was thrilled to be able to do a story where I could include elements of Hindu lore. The concept of the Third Eye, empaths, and spirituality appeals to my yoga-inspired side. Finally, immersing into the world of a futuristic India reconnects me to my own culture!
I hope you enjoy Girl With Three Eyes and all the layers I’ve loved building into this story!



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