Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This Amazing Year: Books, Bookstores, and Traveling

Remembering One Year

It's been ONE year since My Boyfriend Merlin came out... and in one year it seems I've come a long way. This is the very first year that I've been able to write full time. (Yes, I have a stack of rejections you wouldn't believe.) So it's really been a dream come true.

I'm equally thrilled to have completed my first series! The Ever My Merlin paperback edition just came out. To celebrate, I went on a little excursion to my favorite place... the bookstore. So I have a few pics as to what I've been up to over the past month. (Besides writing, of course. Um, getting right on that... right after some more snowman sugar cookies, that is)

  • Divergent (I know! I still haven't read this.) 
  • Valkyrie Rising (Norse mythology. Looks cool!) 
  • A blank journal. I am a writer, people!


On this trip to B&N, I also totally embarrassed myself as I checked out My Merlin on various Nook devices. (Don't they look awesome?!) The Nook HD looks so pretty!

Concord, MA. On the road to Sleepy Hollow & the Old North Bridge.

Over thanksgiving, I did some traveling. I admired this sleepy little town its beautiful fall leaves and got a gorgeous book of illustrated fairy tales at an indie store in Concord & visited the House of Seven Gables. (Yeah, you read that right. I went to Ryan's home town. More on this later...) 

Big Tex inside B&N
I also got a chance to go to Fort Worth, Texas. Check out this B&N in downtown. What an awesome turret! The christmas lights were great too. I had a drink at the Flying Saucer right behind this B&N and a cupcake too.

It seems appropriate to do this post around the holidays since I'm so thankful to have heard from so many readers. For those of you who've taken the time to write me, I've loved hearing about which parts of the series you've enjoyed and which parts drove you crazy. I've also loved hearing about your own Merlin adventures. Drop me a note anytime!

Wishing you a happy & safe holiday.