Thursday, November 19, 2015

Once Upon a Time, In a Kingdom Close to Home...

A writer wiled away her hours hunched over a keyboard with wild uncombed hair, somewhat smelly sweat pants, and endless pots of tea. Finally, one day, she hit the keys and wrote those epic words “The End.”

Yes, this is my update. Followed by a happy dance. It has been a long while and thanks to many unforeseen life events—both heartbreaking and happy—I find myself at the end of a very long and extremely dark tunnel. As I put the finished-book crown on my head, I want to say a big thank you for all those who kept me running along—with a lot of real and virtual handholding.

They say that art is born in fire. I have to agree, for I am feeling very charred. Plastic surgery anyone? (Just kidding). Nothing physically dire has happened to me since the last Merlin book. However, I am very glad to be writing this today. Because it means I’ve created something I am willing to hold up high.

Long story short...the “new” fairy tale I’ve been telling you all about is done. Currently I don’t have a schedule for publication but you can definitely expect to see it. And now, I think it’s time to work on something new…

Happy Holidays, dear readers. A pumpkin juice toast to you!